1. Introduction

    Riddle Challenge is a serie of questions testing knowledge, logical thinking, some IT knowledge and browsing skills. It was created in 2013 with 15 questions and is growing since.

  2. Riddles
    • Answers can only be a number or an english, understandable word. Answer is not case-sensitive
    • Feel free to use all possible help you can find, but avoid asking others for help.
    • If you know solution to any of riddles here, don't share it with others, let them find it on their own. That's the only purpose of this game.
    • Some riddles may seem too difficult or even impossible, but often non-standard thinking helps. Don't forget to check help button.
    • Don't give up! Make a break and try again later!

  3. Do's and Don'ts

    Things you are allowed end encouraged to do

    • Solve or try solving riddles
    • Feel free to share this website an challenge your friends
    • Use riddle on your own website/classroom/facebook etc but remember to include riddlechallenge.com as original source
    • Add your own riddle, write to: admin@riddlechallenge.com and don't include answer. If I can't solve it in 15 minutes, riddle will be accepted.

    Things you are NOT allowed to do

    • Share answers in any way
    • Hack this website (it could be listed under do's but it's not the purpose of this game)
    • Sell riddles (or answers) for money or any other goods

Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions? Send it to admin@riddlechallenge.com